//Level 3- Speed, Agility & Consistency

Level 3- Speed, Agility & Consistency

26th January 2019, 27th January 2019
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
2270 S VAUGHN WAY #104
Aurora , Colorado , United States
Mocha-Mystique Butkovich
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With confidence and proficiency learned in Levels 1-2, we will now focus on speed, power and faster results. A new set of approximately 25 techniques will be learned head to toe, with combinations of techniques for optimum results.
Several “key” techniques are taught in this course to address tailbone issues, rolled forward shoulders, whiplash, shin splints, hamstrings, tennis elbow, top of the shoulder blade, learn floor traps, and MUCH more!

All materials are provided for use during this training. Course fees do not include the purchase of manuals, wooden stands, mats, chairs, pads, or gripper. Wear loose, comfortable clothing in layers, bring clean socks, a notebook and pen, water, and snacks. A lunch break will be taken at an appropriate time, depending on the flow of the class.

Prerequisite: Levels 1-2

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