//Level 2- More Power, More Technique

Level 2- More Power, More Technique

$250 - $499
19th October 2019, 20th October 2019
9:00 am - 6:00 pm
John Prior @ 510 366-9767 jprior@rossiter.com
3091 Peralta Blvd.
Fremont , California , United States
John Prior
Early Bird Sale ends on 1 Oct, 2019


Building on Level 1, Level 2 teaches approximately 25 new Rossiter System techniques for head-to-toe pain relief, with special emphasis on abdomen and relief for people who have had back surgery and injections.

Prerequisite: Level 1

Course Objectives:

Learn precision in finding the best spot to add weight, and how to add more dimension and progressive movement to techniques.

Gain deeper insight of how observing a client’s movements and statements are critical for knowing where to go next, and when to stop the session.

Work with clients that have had back surgeries and injections, and how to undo techniques that cause a client more pain
Understand how tight connective tissue in the abdominal cavity can affect other areas and visa versa
Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of walking the client after lower body techniques to balance, integrate, observe and develop a set of effective techniques tailored to specific clients needs and how to use appropriate techniques for given situations.

Become competent at using a pole for balance while applying appropriate weight and maintaining correct posture
Learn more effective ways of coaching your client.

Have competency checked with your instructor and fellow students with technique calibrations
Practice with a partner and resolve issues in your own body

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