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Why Learn Rossiter?

If you are a medical practitioner, fitness or bodywork professional, learning Rossiter will enhance what it is you already do. Looking for a new career? Consider Rossiter as a satisfying way to have independence and flexibility, while reaching your financial goals. Rossiter System is CPT Code billable, and even if you don’t do insurance billing, Rossiter can be an additional stream of income for your business. Want to help friends and family? Rossiter System is the perfect tool to help those around you-regardless of your background.

Rossiter System enables Fitness professionals, bodyworkers and Pilates Instructors to help their clients reach goals quicker getting them the quality of life they are wanting. Chiropractors love how Rossiter makes their adjustments easier to do. Physical therapists get excited about how quickly Rossiter helps their patients recover faster. Referrals you get from satisfied Rossiter clients will build your business faster.

Rossiter is designed to protect you-the practitioner from any strain or injury. The ease that you use your body mechanics with every technique will ensure you are able to help many without harm or stress to you.

The Rossiter System is comprised of powerful techniques that require the active involvement of two people – you, the professional, and your client. They fundamentally change the nature of connective tissue work, elongating and loosening connective tissue so that movement again becomes pain-free, supple, fluid and normal. These techniques are ideal for Athletic Trainers, Personal Trainers, and other Sports Medicine Professionals; Rolfers/SI practitioners, Massage/Myofascial Release Practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, yoga teachers and practitioners of the Alexander Technique and other forms of bodywork, as well as anyone else who wants to learn to help others feel and perform their best.

The innovative Rossiter System events and workshops can help you improve the effectiveness of your work with clients, keep your own body free of pain and overuse syndromes, boost your income, provide you an entirely new approach for marketing your skills and practice, and give you a powerful approach to pain relief that does not involves medication ,injections, surgery, splints/braces/appliances or so-called medical intervention.

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Rossiter Events/Mini Workshops

Come Experience Rossiter!

Rossiter System Events and Mini Workshops are fun and experiential way to feel for yourself the power and speed of Rossiter, and see how others respond.

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Level 1 Course

Rossiter Head To Toe

Learn the basics of Rossiter, why and how it works, give/receive head-to-toe techniques.  Learn when/when not to do Rossiter, go home feeling great.

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Level 2 Course

More Power, More Techniques

Learn more powerful head to toe techniques, including the abdomen, and how to work with people who have had back surgery or injections.

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Level 3 Course

Speed, Agility & Consistency

Some of the most important techniques in Rossiter are taught in this course.  Learn tips and tricks to deliver faster, more efficient results.

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Level 4 Course

More Specific, More Precise

Precision is the key concept in this course.  Two footed techniques are introduced.  You will also test to be a Certified Rossiter Practitioner.

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Rossiter was recommend to me after I hurt myself running hamstring) and injured my shoulder in TRX. I had tried massage and Chiropractor prior. Rossiter was what finally provided relief. Shelly (Rossiter System “Instructor” Practitioner), couldn’t be any nicer and knowledgeable. Can’t recommend her and Rossiter enough.
Carrie H

“Fantastic – for the first time in 12 months I can raise my left arm straight over my head. Before Rossiter, I struggled to brush my hair or dress comfortably and couldn’t get my arm behind my back. I had pain in both my arm and shoulder and restricted movement. After just one Rossiter session, I have my movement back and no pain – Fantastic”.
Sue Steele