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Welcome to The Rossiter System

Be a Part of Your Own Recovery!

The Rossiter System is one of the most powerful methods for targeted relief and prevention of structural pain. It is a Unique, Effective, Safe method that provides fast pain relief.

The Rossiter System is a two-person stretching modality that not only alleviates pain but can prevent its occurrence. It offers a series of powerful and effective techniques for addressing structural pain and restriction of movement at its source – the connective tissue system. Your will experience noticeable looseness in your joints with every session.

We all have our aches and pains. Some may be caused by serious injury, but it’s usually the things we do day to day that get us. The Rossiter System is changing lives for the better every day. You could be Next!

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Let’s See What Some Have To Say…

I was suffering severe hip and back pain that was affecting my mobility to a large degree when Andi spoke to me about the Rossiter System.She explained the basis of the work we would do and I then felt confident enough to arrange a practical session where on Andi asked me to not use any pain relief that day as I would need to be aware of my body’s feelings/pain thresholds. 
On arrival I was not at my very worst but pain levels were high and for example I struggled to get out of the car and was unable to get down onto the mat without help. Andi worked with me on the weighted stretches and at regular intervals throughout the session I was required to get up and walk around.To say I was amazed at the improvement in my mobility is an understatement as by the end of our 45 minutes I could get up with just the help of a chair beside me to steady myself. When I arrived home I actually laughed as I walked up the stairs as this had only been achieved with great difficulty for several weeks prior to this first session! Two more workouts over the next 14 days consolidated the improvement and I am booked in for a maintenance session soon. 
I have been able to wholeheartedly recommend Andi to anyone I know with pain or mobility problems and can honestly say I think the Rossiter System is a wonderful way of helping improve mobility and flexibility. Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Andi for all her help and support.
Sylvia McArthur

Since October 2018, I have been having lower back pain, which went down both legs. Andi Lynch offered to give me Rossiter treatment and it made an amazing difference even after the first one! A further two sessions and I am almost free from pain. I firmly recommend this treatment.

Bernadette Falkener

Mocha is an incredible therapist and practitioner! I have had both massage and Rossiter sessions with her.

When massaging, she has an innate ability to find the areas that need the most attention and makes certain to meet the client’s level of need.

As someone who has dealt with chronic pain for over 20 years, I am so glad that I tried Rossiter with Mocha. Her ability to sense what needed the most attention carried over to her Rossiter technique as well. Although Rossiter is not a relaxing technique, Mocha’s ability to use it effectively provided a relief like nothing else I have tried. Mocha has obviously studied the fascial system of the body and took the time to explain it to me in detail, complete with visuals (the fascial system is something no other therapist or doctor had even mentioned to me while working with me and mypain). Besides having great instinct and technique, Mocha is very personable and goes out of her way to meet her clients’ needs.

C Hall

“Rossiter is life changing.   Mocha is very professional, thorough, and makes you feel right at home.  I look forward to Future appointments with her!!

Anna Eklund
“What a wonderful experience! I’ve had chronic pain for the past 10 years. I’ve been through dozens of massage therapists. Lately my hands have been going numb and it was driving me crazy! A friend referred me to Mocha and I’m so glad she did!
It was an experience like no other! Mocha is so knowledgeable and paid attention to my body. She was able to pinpoint some issues and fix quite a few of them. They numbness and pain in my arms is GONE! Thank you Mocha”
Candace Pfeifer
“I’ve never had Rossiter work done on me before and more people need to know!

My hip was out of place and I was in so much pain and could barely walk. Mocha was able to help me so quickly. What she does is amazing! Way beyond just typical massage.

I highly recommend people who are in pain to see how she can help you”

Melove Tindall

“Two whole afternoons each week, I do nothing but Rossiter workouts. A lot of people are asking for it, and some people just think I’m a miracle worker. What I like about it is that it’s quick. Instead of having to do a half-hour appointment, I can do three people an hour, 20-minute appointments each.”

Diana Racklin,, MT, Multidisciplinary Clinic
“Well, we’ve seen our lost time days go from over 300 in a year in that particular department down to less than 50.”
Tom Boyd, Electrical Engineer, Plant Manager
“…I was surprised to get relief and improved function after just one session with Rossiter, and with subsequent sessions have experienced dramatic improvement in pain levels, as well as significant reduction in need for medication and other medical care…”
John Hostetter, Wyoming Business Banking President, Wells Fargo
“…We’ve not sent but one person to the doctor for pain in their hand…when we were (previously) sending them maybe three to four a week.”
Jeannie Mitchell, Registured Nurse, Poultry Plant


We run Courses & Events in over 30 states in United States and Europe.

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Level 1 Course

Rossiter Head To Toe

Learn the basics of Rossiter, why and how it works, give/receive head-to-toe techniques.  Learn when/when not to do Rossiter, go home feeling great.

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Level 2 Course

More Power, More Techniques

Learn more powerful head to toe techniques, including the abdomen, and how to work with people who have had back surgery or injections.

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Level 3 Course

Speed, Agility & Consistency

Some of the most important techniques in Rossiter are taught in this course.  Learn tips and tricks to deliver faster, more efficient results.

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Level 4 Course

More Specific, More Precise

Precision is the key concept in this course.  Two footed techniques are introduced.  You will also test to be a Certified Rossiter Practitioner.

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Rossiter Events/Mini Workshops

Come Experience Rossiter!

Rossiter System Events and Mini Workshops are fun and experiential way to feel for yourself the power and speed of Rossiter, and see how others respond.

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Experience Fast, Safe and Effective Pain relief with Rossiter System techniques.

Try Rossiter System before invasive and expensive shots or surgeries.